Our robotic cells, PartNR, are turnkey products designed for machine shops. Compact, quick to install and easy to use, especially for programming new parts. This is the ideal product for workshops with a small production volume but a wide variety of parts to manufacture. The cell’s ROI is generally less than one year.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Universal standard cell
  • Robot payload of 10kg
  • 1m x 1.28m x 2.2m
  • Power : 120 VAC
  • Example of application :
    • Machine tending
    • Inspection
    • Marking
    • Cleaning
    • etc.
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
    • Jog the robot using a 6D joystick
  • Fenceless system or physical fencing
  • Standard pre-wired and assembled equipment speeds up installation and allows you to be up and running in minutes
  • Connectivity: Receive notifications and view the user interface remotely
  • Mobility: Moves from one machine to another
  • Vision: Locates parts automatically
  • Complies with CSA safety standards

Product Options

Robot Tools

  • Adaptative Gripper
  • Pneumatic Gripper
  • Vacuum Gripper